Disseny gràfic i identitat corporativa per la campanya "A cegues no mola". Informació desenfadada per a un consum responsable i un comportament respectuós dins l'àmbit de l'oci nocturn. El grafisme s'ha executat utilitzant un llenguatge vistós, fresc i directe, amb el qual els adolescents poguessin empatitzar fàcilment.

S'ha dividit la campanya en tres vessants:

Consum responsable
Lluny del to prohibitiu de la gran majoria de campanyes anti drogues, s'ha optat per explicar als joves els pros i els contres del consum de diferents substàncies que proliferen a la seva vida nocturna.
En aquest cas, hem representat les diferents substàncies en recipients de productes que es poden trobar en qualsevol supermercat. La intenció és posar de manifest la facilitat amb la qual els joves poden aconseguir aquestes substàncies. 

Igualtat de gènere
S'ha buscat un missatge directe contra el sexisme a les festes, interpel·lant tant a l'agressor, com a la víctima, com a l'entorn.
En aquesta ocasió, seguint amb la línia gràfica de la campanya, hem representat els estereotips de persona dins el sexisme a través de productes quotidians que comparteixen les seves qualitats. 

De la mateixa manera que en el cas dels cartells pel consum responsable, s'ha buscat un missatge obert i desenfadat, convidant al respecte cap a les persones i a l'entorn, i informant de les possibles conseqüències reals de fer tot el contrari. 


Graphic design and branding for the campaign "A cegues no mola" ("Blindly isn't cool" in english). Lighthearted information for a responsible consumption and responsible behavior in the nightlife. The graphics were made using a striking fresh direct language, which the adolescents will be easily able to identify with.

The campaign was divided in three dimensions:

Responsible consumption
Far from the prohibitive message of the vast majority of the campaigns against drugs, it was decided to explain to the young people the pros and cons of the consumption of the different substances that abound in their nightlife.
In this case, we represented the different substances in packagings of products we can easily find in every supermarket. Our intention is to highlight how easy is to obtain these substances.

Gender equality
It was used a direct message against the sexism in the nightlife, mentioning the aggressor, the victim and the social network.
On this occasion, in line with the campaign's graphics, we represented the stereotypes into the sexism through some products that share their attributes.

In addition to the responsible consumption posters, it was used a open and lighthearted message, eliciting a respect for the persons and the environment, and advising the eventual real consequences of the opposite behavior. 
*COCAINE. Now much more sweetened!
Dangers: Need to drink more alcohol / tachycardias / paranoia / dilated pupils
Desired effects: Euphoria / self-confidence / energy

"Get drugs can be easy. Overdoing too."

*MARIHUANA. THC for your brain & CO2 for your lungs!
Dangers: Lack of focus / mind-absence / eye irritation
Desired effects: Lots of laughs / relax sensation

"Get drugs can be easy. Overdoing too."

*ALCOHOL. Warranted dehydration!
Dangers: Eventual aggressiveness increase / no sense of the ridiculous / traffic accidents / blackouts
Desired effects: Desinhibition / euphoria

"Get drugs can be easy. Overdoing too."

*THE ANNOYING ONE. New formula: It glues more than ever!
Attributes: It want your body, not you / it bothers you / maximum insistence / it glues in every situation
Act this way can cause: Loss of friends / possible complaints

"No means no."

*THE POWERFUL YOUNG. The definitve ointment against annoying people!
Attributes: Perfect to break the silence / it encourages you to ask for help / it gives you the courage to face up everyone
It can avoid: Mental block / low self-esteem / anguish 

"Yo've the right to set limits, no means no."

*CLEAN CONSCIENCE. The soap that cleans your hands and makes you blind!
Attributes: It doesn't allow you to see conflicts / It destroys your empathy / It offers no help
It can cause: Impunity for the aggressor / violence normalization 

"If you see a sexist aggression, don't wash your hands."

*LACK OF PUBLIC SPIRIT. Perfect for the damages!
Attributes: It's ideal to rage the passions  / it irritates the
neighbourhood / it respects nothing
It can cause: Bad coexistence / criminal record / violence normalization / destruction of that which belong to us all

"If you go out party, don't burn yourself out. The city belongs to all of us "

*H2OH!. And no more headache!

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